Treating the Toughest Cases of Depression and Brain Illness

Brain SPECT Imaging

Pathfinder Brain SPECT Imaging at The Neuroscience Center

Director: Dan G. Pavel, M.D.

High Definition Brain SPECT imaging is a non-invasive procedure for functional imaging of the brain (brain perfusion imaging). Our advanced image processing and display capabilities make it a very helpful tool for the evaluation of patients with Neuropsychiatric conditions.

Brain SPECT Imaging at The Neuroscience Center is used to evaluate the functional status of the brain gray matter in the presence of comorbidity (co-existing conditions). In so doing, brain SPECT  contributes to finding possible reasons why a number of patients come to us labelled as “ treatment resistant”.

Among the multiple co-existing conditions we see are: multiple concussions, depression, anxiety, developmental disorders (multiple forms of learning disabilities, ADHD and autism), non-convulsive epilepsy, various types of cognitive impairment, degenerative diseases, toxic exposures, sleep disorders, metabolic disorders and others. The combination of such multiple abnormal influences over lengthy periods of time, alters the functional status of the brain gray matter and most of the time explains treatment failures. In this context, the functional  Brain SPECT images, together with the other clinical and laboratory tests contribute to the decision making process and treatment strategy indicated for a particular patient. As a consequence we have seen time and time again success stories, even after months and years of prior treatment failures.

Dr. Pavel has extensive experience in Academic Nuclear Medicine, including a one-year sabbatical at the National Institutes of Health, in Bethesda Maryland, and is dedicated to functional brain imaging evaluation.

The addition of perfusion Brain SPECT has allowed the Neuroscience Center to further its ability to fully evaluate the consequences of co-existing conditions and to prescribe the  treatment specifically tailored to each patient. Our unique approach, that includes objectively measured multi-specialty evaluations, actually shortens the amount of time spent on the path from initial visit to substantive symptom relief.

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