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Cannabis and CBD Related Services

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Cannabis and CBD Related Services

The Neuroscience Center is one of the first traditional medical and psychiatric practices to provide a range of diagnostics, information and interventions related to cannabis (aka marijuana) and hemp-based Cannabidiol (CBD). While we welcome medical cannabis patients, please note that we do not certify patients who are not already undergoing treatment at our facility.

There exists a careful boundary between psychiatric care and the use of cannabis. Most treatment providers view the use of cannabis as a major contributor to psychosis and other-long term psychiatric illness. Most cannabis-trained professionals attribute any adverse effects from cannabis to misuse, overuse or incorrect use. As with all the treatments and services we offer, we defer to science and diagnostics first. By conducting a thorough evaluation and when appropriate, genetic testing, we seek to determine which patients have Substance Use Disorder and which have psychosis related to the COMT gene variant. Those patients with this gene variant are at greater risk of developing psychosis and Schizophrenia, especially with adolescent use. We have a variety of treatment interventions available to help these patients heal and recover, to the extent that recovery is possible.

For patients with ‘Debilitating Conditions‘ (as listed by the Illinois Department of Public Health) who are already Illinois medical cannabis card holders, we offer supportive services and therapies. While it is a goal for some medical card patients to discontinue all pharmaceuticals, there are many who need to continue to use their pharmaceuticals along with cannabis or CBD. The Nueroscience Center can create a personalized treatment program that can help you to: safely decrease medications; achieve a balance of cannabinoids and pharmaceuticals; provide education on navigating the different types of products offered; create a detox plan using CBD, ketamine and other pharmacological/nutrition based therapies; and guide parents with children who have conditions that might benefit from the integration of CBD with other natural therapies.

Few treatment centers offer the range of diagnostics, complimentary therapies and resources related to the therapeutic use of cannabinoids. The Neuroscience Center strives to be on the frontline of health care, by providing patients with options that reduce levels of suffering while affording the greatest margin of safety.

If you have questions about these services, please fill out our patient contact form and we will contact you for a free phone consultation.

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