Treating the Toughest Cases of Depression and Brain Illness

Role of High Definition Brain SPECT in the Evaluation of Non-convulsive Epilepsy Co-morbid to Mental Disorder

The presence of emotional comorbidity including depression seems to interfere with, or otherwise delay appropriate treatment in the presumptively psychiatric patient with occult variants of epilepsy . This can happen even in the presence of interictal spike discharges and / or other general nonspecific EEG findings which, in the absence of overt convulsions, seem to be underappreciated or considered as being of no clinical significance Functional imaging using High Definition Brain SPECT has benefited from improved image processing software and display capabilities. This has added to the clarity of mapping the relative perfusion disturbances occurring in Neuropsychiatric disorders. We have thus evaluated the contribution of semi-quantitative Brain SPECT as an adjuvant diagnostic modality in non-convulsive epilepsy with comorbid mental disorders , and in some cases for its longitudinal follow-up.

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