Treating the Toughest Cases of Depression and Brain Illness


Understanding Depression is a recorded audio interview with Neuropsychiatrist Dr. Steve Best. Listen online now, or download the MP3 file directly to your iPhone, iPad, iPod or any MP3 audio player to listen while mobile. Topics covered include:

  • What are the clinical signs and symptoms of Depression? How can you tell the difference between just being sad and having depression?
  • What’s the First Step? If I believe myself or a loved one in my household may have clinical depression, what should I do first?
  • Should I go to my family physician with this? Are they qualified to make this diagnosis or do I need to skip directly to a specialist?
  • If I do have depression, is it curable? What can I expect the treatment options to be?
  • What are some examples of natural treatment options or non-pharmaceutical treatment options for depression?
  • Does depression present differently in men than women?
  • I believe myself or my spouse may have ‘Post-Partum Depression’. How would I know and what can I do to address it?
  • What’s the difference between ‘Clinical Depression’ and ‘Severe Depression?’ Are they all treated much the same way?
  • What is ‘Manic’ Depression?
  • Is depression a disorder that can be cured, or do patients tend to go into remission and be likely to experience another episode at some point in their life?
  • What is the best way to approach helping someone when that someone is in the same house and may not know that they have depression?
  • …and much more – all free.

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