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The Neuroscience Center Of Chicago's
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The Neuroscience Center provides a variety of cutting-edge treatments that address neurological disorders. Because each patient is unique, it is impossible to provide specific treatment costs without planning a course of healing. The first step is for you to have a simple phone or email conversation with our Patient Liaison, Melanie Dillon. There is no charge for this phone conversation. If we can help you, we will suggest that you come in for an in-person interview with a physician. If we cannot, we’ll do our best to make sure you are referred to someone who can help you.


Spravato™ is a nasally administered form of Ketamine. We recommend patients fill their Spravato™ prescriptions before arriving for their treatment. 

/Treatment + Dosage


TMS / Ketamine
(Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy PLUS Ketamine infusion)

Start with a psychiatric consultation from our board – certified neuropsychiatrist for complete evaluation of treatment needs, current medication concerns, and other critical issues that will enhance your treatment. This step differentiates us from many centers who do not have a psychiatrist on staff.

If necessary, additional diagnostic testing may be ordered such as EEG, SPECT scan, Nutraeval™ or other tests to clarify diagnoses and develop an enhanced treatment plan to better serve you.


Includes a physical exam and first TMS/ketamine infusion. The $550, non-reimbursable, professional fee billed at the time of service, in addition to the complete services billed in-network, through MIND

Self-pay price without insurance $850

On your day of visit, you will be responsible for $550 towards the cost of your service plus co-pay. Any co-insurance or remaining deductible related to your visit will be billed at a later date.

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