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Ketamine and TMS Combined Therapy

Combined Therapies (Generally):

Despite how people may appear, we at the Neuroscience Center recognize people don’t always have only neurological or only psychiatric problems. This is especially likely when symptoms aren’t improving with standard care. Thus, the Neuroscience Center specializes in caring for both simultaneously.
We offer an integrated, multidisciplinary approach, including diagnostic testing, and on-site psychological care. We also welcome the opportunity to closely collaborate with a patient’s existing team.

When traditional combinations of medication, psychotherapy, and/or lifestyle changes (sleep, nutrition, exercise, etc.) aren’t enough, it may be time to consider other options. In some cases, brain health is so impaired that the nervous system essentially functions as if the person is in a sleep-like state –even while the patient is “fully awake”. We have developed expertise in “awakening” the nervous system with brain stimulation, neuro feedback, medications, and other more novel techniques.

Our cutting-edge care, including treatment combinations not available anywhere else, offers new hope for people who suffer. interior-4The technique is effective for Treatment Resistant Depression, Pain, and Anxiety. It is most likely to cause substantial remission when the patient embraces the lifestyle changes related to medications, substance abuse, exercise & diet, and especially of sleep.


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