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Esketamine: A New Treatment For Depression?

Esketamine-A New Treatment For Depression

Esketamine can also be called (S)-ketamine S or (+)-ketamine and is a general anesthetic which can be found in ketamine (a drug typically used for maintaining anesthesia, pain relief or sedation). Ketamine has been found extremely effective in helping treatment-resistant depression and suicidal thoughts faster than traditional therapies. This is why esketamine can be very helpful for people suffering from depression – specifically if it is hard to treat.

Esketamine has gotten a “Breakthrough Designation” status from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which signifies the importance of this new approach when treating life-threatening conditions like severe depression and suicidal tendencies.

After receiving this news of the breakthrough, Janssen Pharmaceuticals (which is a branch of Johnson and Johnson), immediately filed a new drug application (NDA) for esketamine, to treat similar to what ketamine can treat. The NDA filing is built on outcomes from 5 phase III trials that have verified effectiveness, resilience, and safety after a year’s usage. Esketamine can be used in the form of a self-administered nose spray or thought IV therapy. While managed in a medical setting, esketamine has the possibility to be a much faster acting relief than traditional therapy such as antidepressants, cognitive therapy, SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors), etc. Even more importantly, Janssen Pharmaceuticals wishes to file the NDA for an additional indication – the risk of suicide and self-harm in depression. This means that you could potentially help your treatment-resistant depression or suicidal thought with the simple act of using an esketamine nose spray.

Your insurance may not cover ketamine or esketamine treatments due to their off-label status. However, at the neuroscience center, we are determined to deliver relief and help to anyone who needs help with their mental health, which is why we have developed affordable loans readily available for applications.  

If you have been struggling with severe depression, self-harm or considering suicide, ketamine, and esketamine could be the solution you have been trying to find for years. We have helped thousands of patients by giving ketamine treatments, and have seen in person the almost immediate relief in so many people’s eyes. We are very happy to see these new solutions come to market so that we can better help you – for example ketamine and esketamine tend to have fewer side effects than other medicines. The NDA filing delivers a positive outlook and renewal of hope for those battling mental health issues every day. The support of FDA approval and insurance coverage will help make sure that esketamine will get to those who need it most, and deliver dramatic results and relief.

Are you or a loved one struggling with treatment-resistant depression, suicidal thoughts or self-harm? Then please don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation and help:

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