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Does TMS Ketamine Help With Anxiety Disorders?

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Yes! they can treat Anxiety Disorders with KTM Ketamine

Quite well, in fact. TMS Ketamine can help with anxiety, and many other treatments from NeurocienceCenter can help with anxiety. We have had patients who were unable to live a normal life, who gained much of that back. 

Safety and efficacy are our biggest goals when performing treatments. Keeping your specific mental health issues in your control. Our suggestions are backed by Highly Esteemed Institutions, which brings big research to the efficacy of our treatments. 

How do you feel when you have anxiety?

Quote from “Weston”

“Overwhelmed with normal daily chores, the simplest tasks make my days so much more difficult. Hard to breathe and get up and move. I started to wonder if TMS Ketamine might be my best choice”

How Fast Does TMS Ketamine Reduce Anxiety?

It depends on each patient and the amount of TMS Ketamine Therapy they will need. This is based on a consultation. Which you can do over the phone and in person, or both if you need!

Generally speaking though, from a study ending in 2017. Overall, a single infusion of TRD ketamine combined anxiety treatment appears to be effective often during the actual treatment. 

In the longer term, and another piece of research. Also used the Wilcoxon signed-rank test to compare the proportion of treatment responders. Based on those findings most we feeling results at 88.9% ketamine vs 52.94% response placebo,

How Does Ketamine Effect Other Mental Health Medications? 

Generally speaking, this is something you want to speak to your mental health provider about. 

It can affect blood pressure during treatment, so if you have a BP medication. Consult your doctor. The NeuroScience is devoted to providing a safe consult, clinic visit, and follow-up with you. 

How TMS Ketamine Works in Anxiety

Because a large part of anxiety symptoms come from depression and bipolar patients. In which TMS Ketamine, has had extraordinary results. Showing how hopeful the treatment’s efficacy continues to do the same. 

Scientifically, it has to do with exciting neurotransmitters. Likely, by the dispersing of enough necessary positive or “happy neurotransmitters. All while likely increasing unnecessary glutamate out of cells. Which is an agnostic form of brain molecules that can block neuroplasticity. 

Is OCD Anxiety?

OCD is a form of anxiety or a condition that causes untreatable anxiety. This has been a long-lasting problem with OCD patients. Because it can also lead to Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD). 

These forms, as well as many others in the same family. Can be incredibly difficult to find a correct treatment combination when necessary. Many of our patients with these disorders have found sometimes relief in treatment and long after

This is very important for anyone, when can it be difficult to remember to take a large stack of medications each day. This can make a person become reclused so bad they can’t check the mail. Furthermore, this leads to the other mood conditions mentioned before.

Want to Try and Feel Less Anxious?

You and the world are experiencing difficult times. If you are feeling increasingly stressed about the future, reach out to us at the Neuroscience Center. There’s no reason to go through this alone and your body may be overreacting to stressors you can’t control.  We hope to normalize these levels through the research and the work of our renowned team of Neurological Physicians and researchers. Give us a call at 847-236-9310 and we will do everything we can to get you back on the rod to confidence and happiness. 



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