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Ketamine Reduces Suicidal Thoughts In Minutes


Ketamine Treatments And Research

According to the Centers for Disease Control, about 15 to 20 million people are diagnosed and treated for depression, making it the most common type of mental illness in the United States. Around 30% of these patients do not find relief from the standard treatment options, such as consistently taking antidepressants along with receiving psychotherapy, not even over the long run.

These people suffering from treatment-resistant depression now have hope in the most unlikely of treatment: Ketamine Infusions.

Ketamine acts quickly, often within hours or less and healthcare professionals who give it to patients at therapeutic doses say it has mild and brief side effects in most people. It is not exactly determined how ketamine works, but they do know it works differently than commonly used antidepressants such as Prozac, Zoloft, and Effexor. That may explain why people who aren’t helped by standard treatments respond to ketamine when other medications don’t help.

Ketamine was accepted by the FDA in the 1970s to sedate patients during medical operations. It is more generally known as an animal tranquilizer, and in powder form as “Special K,” a club drug used to get high and party. Today, however, ketamine serves a much more sophisticated purpose and is being provided legally off-label to treat depression at an estimated 250 clinics across America, including the Neuroscience Center in Chicago. For patients with treatment-resistant depression, there is new hope in the form of ketamine infusions, which is being used by Dr. Best to help even the most severe of cases.

What is Ketamine Treatment?

If a patient has tried other long-term therapies and hasn’t found relief for their pain or mental health issues, Dr. Best may be able to help. His combination therapy shows great promise for those untreatable conditions. Dr. Best developed a technique to increase the effectiveness of ketamine infusions. By administering them during brain stimulation treatment, each subsequent treatment boosts the effects of the previous ones.

The combination treatment also helps the effects achieve semi-permanence, allowing some patients to enjoy relief for up to seven years.

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