Treating the Toughest Cases of Depression and Brain Illness

Psychedelics and Depression Management

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Psychedelics Discovered as a Treatment for Depression

In the early days of psychedelics being used, they were seen as recreational drugs. However, in modern times the allowed exploration into these substances has been making progress as medical treatment.

Why Psychedelics for Mood Disorders?

Primarily for neurological disorders such as Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, Anxiety issues, and the like. While SSRIs and other medications have been the standard. Psychedelics have been promising results with the ability to research them properly. 

Early Findings of the Effectiveness of Psychedelic

In some patients who haven’t received the outcomes, they are seeking standard medications. Psychedelics may provide a unique modality to managing these symptoms. 

A Specific Study

In 2017, Roland Griffiths and Stephen Ross’ studies that were brought to the FDA seemed unlikely to be approved for medical use. Surprisingly, the government was open to the new idea to combat one of the growing illnesses in the world. Mental illness. 

Red Tape in Mental Health

Once approved, the study gave a greater insight into the mental health effects rather that could be used to help those with few remaining options. Even though their studies proved to be more difficult to conduct, their belief and persistence help shed light on the positive possibilities. 

FDA Approval for Psychedelics to be Studies

To their surprise the FDA asked for expansion of the program and research, seeing the possibilities a once demonized chemical psychedelic might have. Not only was this psychedelic being used for cancer and tern=minally ill patients. It was also being recognized by the greater medical community as a new and often effective treatment

Results of Clinical Trials

After a week of clinical trials, nearly all of the patients were claiming a noticeable difference in overall mind-state. Here are a few testimonials gathered from different studies conducted around the globe. We all experience medications differently but the tailored approach we take at the Neuroscience Center addresses those issues. 

After-Effects and Testimonials

One of the most beautiful benefits was that many patients felt a connection to the everyday joy they hadn’t felt for months or years. One patient is quoted as saying that, “I would look at orchids and intellectually understand there was beauty.” 

Other patients would use phrases such as. “It was like a holiday away from the prison of my brain.” 

This is the possible power of these mental health tools to create a sense of self-actualization that is empowering. By using psychedelics for depression they were able to confront a personal issue, whether positive or negative. These are imperative in creating true lifestyle changes towards a more effective form of mental health management. 

Find Your New Mindset

Do you need or want to try a different form of mental health treatment? Contact the Neurociencecenter.com/contact page and fill out the form for a consultation. The demonization of these chemicals is finally being broken from chains and is ready to help those it can. Give us a call at 847-236-9310 and we would love to discover the best option for you. 

We are here and open to any questions. Big, small complex, or simple. That’s our job. 



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