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TMS Ketamine Therapy FAQ

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What is TMS Ketamine Therapy? 

TMS Ketamine is our patented approach to alleviating mood disorders. Both Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and infused ketamine are individually recognized as effective treatments for a variety of psychiatric concerns. In our clinic, we combine the treatments and our patients are experiencing enhanced recovery.

Do I Need a Referral from My Primary Care Provider?

No, any licensed health care personnel at the Neuroscience Center can provide you with TMS Ketamine treatment. The clinic seeks to provide help to anyone who needs it. Your mental well-being is our biggest interest. 

What is the Success Rate of TMS Ketamine Therapy?

By looking at research studies, TMS Ketamine treating depression can be effective for 60-80 % of individuals. Although the effects of Ketamine usually last for several weeks, some people have relief from depression for months. 

What Does TMS Ketamine Therapy Treat?

As research continues, the beneficial properties of TMS ketamine therapy are proving rather remarkable. Initially focused on treatment-resistant depression, the research has also started focusing on PTSD, OCD, Anxiety Disorders, and other targeted mood disorders.  

The wide breadth of mental disorders that TMS Ketamine Therapy has been shown to alleviate is astounding. While it may not work for everyone, there are leaps and bound being made in the mental health world. 

Will I be Awake During the Treatment?

Yes! You will be awake during the treatment. While it is considered a sedative as well as an anti-depressant, there is only semi-sedation.

How Long do the Effects Last?

The initial effects will last about 2 hours after your infusion. However, the beneficial properties can last weeks or months. Especially once you’ve undergone multiple treatments. This is one of the biggest innovations in modern mental health treatment. 

No more remembering to take daily medications. Just relief from the effects of treatment-resistant depression. Which has been a puzzle for the medical field for too long. 

Each person is different but the lasting anti-depressant effects of TMS Ketamine are one of its hallmarks. This makes it easier for people to get medication without doing it daily. Which can be a big problem with depressed mind-states. 

Can I Keep Taking My Currents Medications?

Always consult with your physician. But generally, there aren’t reactions with most other prescriptions. Not to mention, it’s standard practice to wean off of other medications if recommended by the doctor. 

Will I Get Addicted to TMS Ketamine? 

While it can be abused in a recreational setting, TMS Ketamines will be administered to you in a clinic setting. This ensures that the doctors monitor the intake of the medicine. 

Safety and helpfulness is our goal. We at the Neuroscience Center strive to find the right treatment and tailor it continually to your needs. Everyone’s mind works differently, which is why we look at each case individually. 

Reach Out for More Information

We are here to lend you an ear, treat, or answer any questions you may have. No question is too simple, we are here to listen. Give us a call at 847-236-9310 or fill our contact form and someone will reach out to you. 



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