Treating the Toughest Cases of Depression and Brain Illness

We treat the toughest cases of brain illness and treatment-resistant depression.

The Neuroscience Center focuses exclusively on brain illnesses that are not responding to prior treatment. We are not a fit for everyone, but we can alleviate suffering for the right patients. Please read what we think you should consider prior to treatment.

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The Neuroscience Center is committed to providing modern and comprehensive mental health care to suit your specific needs. We are a center for complex Neuropsychiatric cases coming from local, national and international referral sources. 


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Science-based. Patient-centered. Innovative care.

Half of patients who see psychiatrists don’t get better because they have so-called “treatment-resistant illness”. We are dedicated to the effective diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of complex disorders of adults and children.

The Neuroscience Center (TNC) is a multidisciplinary center, bringing together a diverse group of specialists with high-level expertise in brain health & well-being. Using state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures, including Brain SPECT and multiple treatment protocols that are individually tailored to each patient’s needs.

TNC is a well-known regional, national and international referral resource for evaluation and treatment of difficult cases including: intractable or treatment-resistant depression, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), severe or treatment-resistant TBI, chronic consequences of stroke, behavioral & developmental disorders, and many other complex disorders involving multiple comorbidity (co-existing conditions).

The hallmark of The Neuroscience Center is its distinctive, thorough approach to EVALUATION and TREATMENT, as well as its specific areas of EXPERTISE and interest.

At The Neuroscience Center We Treat


Our combo TMS treatment is a revolutionary method utilizing modern mechanisms to help in treatment-resistant depression.


A mental disorder that has been difficult to diagnose and treat in the past. Now, our cutting-edge therapies are showing positive results in curbing the negative effects of OCD.


Anxiety is a natural human response but when it becomes too much it can lead to an unhealthy mind state. Our staff will find the root cause and most beneficial treatment options for you.


Are you suffering from PTSD? Our TMS combo treatment's rapid effectiveness and long duration of relief may be the solution for you.

If treatment hasn't worked for you, you are not alone.

Reach out to us.

Patient Stories

Real stories from the lives we’ve touched.

Beth P.

Dr. Best has saved our daughter’s life, and helped our family manage her bipolar in a way that no other doctor has ever been able to do. We are very grateful.

Joy C.

Dr. Best is an amazing physician. His empathy for patients and their families is above and beyond. He has always been patient, calm and kind during appointments. He is exceptionally inquisitive and intelligent. So grateful.

Patrick M.

Dr. Best is well versed and well read. His superior knowledge does not detract from his kindness and consideration when treating my clinical depression/anxiety. This is possibly the only office that I have felt comfortable and at home when I visit.

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We Offer Telemedicine

Telemedicine is an effective tool to connect patients with physicians without coming into the clinic. Thanks to this great technology, we’re able serve patients across the globe.