Treating the Toughest Cases of Depression and Brain Illness

Getting Started

Thank you for considering care at The Neuroscience Center. As a specialty neuropsychiatric practice, providing cutting-edge testing and treatment, we have found that being “out-of-network” is the best option for all involved. We have been providing neuropsychiatric testing and modern treatments with great success for nearly 40 years. Because some of these services are considered innovative or “advanced”, “in-network billing” has been a very confusing challenge. In any event, insurance reimbursement is never guaranteed (just because they pre-aprove a service does not mean that the insurer will honor the agreement and pay in a straightforward fashion). Therefore, TNC does not accept any insurance. To assist you with the financial aspect of the interaction, we will provide an invoice that you can submit to your commercial insurer for reimbursement. Our documentation meets the criteria that most insurances require, so patients are free to work with their insurance companies to seek reimbursement.

We recognize the commitment of time, emotion, and expense that is required for our intensive, specialized care. We want our patients and their families to feel confident that the care we provide is beneficial and will create the best opportunity for a long lasting improved quality of life.

Our Process


Our process begins with an initial evaluation. We have a team approach to our evaluation, where you will meet with one of our doctors along with his/her physician assistant(s). We encourage family members/significant others to attend as their input & support is vital to the treatment process.


Advanced diagnostics are often recommended. While there may be situations and circumstances where we deviate from this process, ideally most new patients will undergo these steps as part of the evaluation. The goal of this stage is to create a current and accurate picture of the patient’s brain and body physiology. This process might take 4 – 6 weeks depending on scheduling and lab turnaround. We work with a variety of different labs and consultants to provide you with the most accurate assessment that is possible. The time taken to compile the overview of the “case” will enable us to provide an extensive evaluation of the patient’s current physiology. Do rest assured that during this process we will be available to monitor any changes in the patient’s situation and provide greater levels of care, if needed.

Treatment Plan

Once all of the results have been returned and processed, we will devise a personalized treatment plan to address the needs discovered through this process. We will have a follow-up visit to go over the results and the treatment plan. From here targeted interventions will be recommended and can then be scheduled. 


Below, please find the financial information for our most common tests and services. While this is not an exhaustive list, it should provide you with enough information to make an informed decision.

  • Initial Evaluation: $450
  • Brain SPECT Imaging*: $1826 The majority of the fee is paid directly to Amen Clinics. We do not charge a middleman fee.
  • EEG: $650, QEEG $550
  • Lab Work*: Varies and is submitted to insurance by the independent labs – you pay the lab – not us.
  • NutrEval*:You pay the lab – not us. They will ask for a Deposit of $189…max out-of-pocket $399. We charge $65 for phlebotomy.
  • Cunningham Panel*: You pay the lab – not us. They will ask for a deposit of $495…max out-of-pocket $995. We charge $65 for phlebotomy. GI Map*: You pay the lab – not us. They will ask for a deposit of $208….max out-of-pocket $423.
  • Tempus Pharmacogenomic Profile*: You pay the lab – not us. They will ask for a cash payment of $295. Insurance max out-of-pocket $100.
  • Personalized Nutrition-based Management: Varies from as low as $75 to $800+, from intravenous administration to oral custom-compounded supplements for at-home use.