Treating the Toughest Cases of Depression and Brain Illness

What We Do

We are dedicated to the effective diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of complex neuropsychiatric and other disorders of adults and children. The Neuroscience Center is a multidisciplinary group of specialists, well-known as a regional, national and international resource for special evaluation and treatment. Our cutting-edge services include a large selection of diagnostic and treatment procedures.

At The Neuroscience Center, our unique partnership with PathFinder Brain SPECT Imaging and the Hyperbaric Centers of Chicago (both contiguous to located in our office complex) allow us to offer our patients the most elaborate diagnosis and treatment options.

Combination Therapy: for Treatment-Resistant Disorders (mood, pain, and, in some cases, addictions).

A unique treatment offered on-grounds is our ground-breaking and patented therapy, utilizing the synergistic effects of TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) and intravenous ketamine, concurrently administered in one session. The following points can be made about this combination therapy:

  • Found to be effective in patients resistant to other therapeutic interventions (such as VNS, DBS, ECT, rTMS, ketamine infusions, oral medications).
  • Through modification of the central nervous system, the depression, pain, and anxiety recede so the patient can regain a quality of life.
  • Especially effective in cases of substance abuse.
  • Faster relief from suffering and return to normal life. In many cases, people experience recovery in days or weeks, rather than months.
  • The remission can last for very long intervals, lasting for many years after completion of a series of treatments.
  • A minimally invasive, and very safe procedure and does not interfere with other therapeutic interventions.
  • On-site anesthesia team specializes in the administration of Combination Therapy and minimally-invasive interventional pain procedures.
  • This treatment is grounded in our vast experience with rTMS acquired while treating more patients with rTMS in the USA than any other provider over the last 20 years.

Pain: Don’t Just “Live With It”

Pain affects not only the person but their loved ones as well. It can deteriorate a person’s judgment, and make people restless. At some point, it might cause a persons’ support system to fail. This would leave people alone during their darkest time. We recognize that building a healthy relationship with our patients can be just as important as providing physical treatment. Pain can be “local” (i.e. a broken bone), “central” (phantom limb, depression), or “mixed” (local pain that “morphs” into CRPS). Autoimmune diseases and other inflammatory illnesses are notorious for mixed pain syndromes. Mixed pain requires specialized diagnosis and treatment. Common causes include:

  • RSD/CRPS (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) / (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome).
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
  • Lyme and Other Post-Infection Pain