Treating the Toughest Cases of Depression and Brain Illness

Kyle S. Ferroly, Ph.D

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Kyle Ferroly, M.S. BCN

Kyle S. Ferroly, Ph.D is clinically trained in Psychophysiology and Mental Health. The field of Psychophysiology addresses biological and psychological components of the brain, body and mind as they relate to daily functioning, emotional regulation and behavior.  Dr. Ferroly’s passion lies in helping identify unseen barriers limiting one’s personal and professional success.

His clinical interests include:

  • Anxiety and stress management
  • Child and adult ADD/ADHD
  • Education on mind-brain health
  • Biofeedback, Neurofeedback & Audio-Visual Entrainment

Dr. Ferroly completed his Bachelor’s in Philosophy/Ethics in 2001 and his Master’s in Education Psychology in 2004, both from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  His Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, with a focus on Psychophysiology, was completed in 2019 at Saybrook University.  Additionally, he is a Senior Fellow in Neurofeedback through BCIA.org and holds certificates in Heart Rate Variability, Biofeedback, Audio Visual Entrainment and Hypnosis.  Dr. Ferroly is passionate about helping individuals bridge the gap between self-development and clinical interventions, not only using this as a base for working with clients but also speaking nationwide on the topic.