Treating the Toughest Cases of Depression and Brain Illness

About Us

The Neuroscience Center is a resource for complex Neuropsychiatric cases coming from local, national and international referral sources. It offers on-site diagnostic and treatment services including:

  • EEG lab, is on site. EEG’s are interpreted off-site by John R. Hughes MD, PhD (who served as Director of the largest and oldest Epilepsy Clinic in the USA, and was also Director of Clinical Neurophysiology at the University of Illinois Medical Center). We can provide both “medical EEG” and QEEG studies.
  • Extended ambulatory EEG services can be also provided and are then interpreted by Dr. Hughes.
  • Brain SPECT functional brain imaging facility is on site and benefits from advanced image processing software. It is personally directed and scans interpreted by Dan G. Pavel, MD former Director of Nuclear Medicine and Professor at the University of Illinois Medical Center. Dr. Pavel is also able to evaluate some scans obtained elsewhere, using our special software, to apply his unique expertise and provide a second opinion.
  • Neuropsychological evaluations are provided on-site by Len Koziol, Psy.D., he is highly published, and serves as Professor in the postdoctoral training at Fielding Graduate University.
  • Our anesthesia team is available on-site for assistance with combo treatments, and pain control such as trigger point or MiRx treatments. The team is staffed with Anesthetists, Advanced Practice Nurses, and Paramedics.
  • Specialty clinical lab services (blood, synovial fluid, CSF) for difficult to access diagnostic tests such as Lyme DNA, or certain specific cytokine assays.
  • pharmacogenomics testing and other clinical pathology , with test analysis and interpretation provided by the appropriate Pathology Consultant.

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