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What is Mental Wellness?


Mental wellness is meant to be encompassing term. Which describes how you feel, think and act to create and maintain a positive social and physical life in your best interest. It is not simply the lack of mental illness. Or solely internal, the effects are physical and social as well. 

Your state of mental wellness will be ever-changing and the steps to gratitude will change over time. Part of being mentally well is to check in on yourself and continue to make goals and address issues. As circumstances change in life there will be reflection and action to continue growth in the direction you desire. 

Be Mindful

Mindfulness is the beginning of mental wellness. The ability to find weaknesses and address them with the proper outlook is the best place to start your journey. Think of the things you’re doing well at as well as the pain points that hinder your personal growth. 

Make sure to not be overreactive or hypersensitive, simply identify and address problems. This will help in the future when, inevitably, different concerns will arise. Furthermore, don’t beat yourself up over any single problem. Positivity and the ability to maintain it is one of the greatest tools we can have in our mental toolbox when it comes to mental wellness.

Do you ask yourself, “how are you feeling today?” Because you should, you do it for others, so why not yourself. Checking in will help keep you present and give you even a few minutes to recognize if you aren’t doing well that day. Now you have a jumping-off point to improve upon. 

Many people have specific activities they schedule into their day to stay mindful. Most people will think of meditation, which is a great option. Others like myself find walking in nature to be my favorite reflection time. Even a sunny spot in your house that catches the perfect light at the same time each day can be your sanctuary for mental wellness. 

Whatever it may be, find what suits you and your schedule. You will be far more productive for yourself and with helping others when you know what’s going on in your mind that day. 

Be Grateful

No one’s life is perfect and a great way to stay mentally well is to practice gratitude. Stop for a moment, take a look around and appreciate the things that you have in life. Relationships, family, opportunities, or simply that big oak tree across the street. 

We are miracles to be alive, and although sometimes it feels like the whole world is against you. You are still here and now, which is lucky on its own. Appreciation for yourself and your world will make you see things in a realistic yet positive way. 

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