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Benefits of Having a Support System for Mental Health

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The benefits of having a support system for mental health are an integral part of recovery and continued care. Studies continue to show that the success rates of managing mental health are greatly increased when a social support system is in place. 

This can be your primary care provider, specialists like the Neuroscience Center and your family, and your social network. Focus on the people that truly have a stake in your well-being and open up to them. Don’t be shy to share difficult things with these people, even a listening ear can be a relief. As you are reading this think of those people in your life, they can make a huge impact on happiness and regaining normalcy in depressive states. 

The Importance of a Social Support System

Whether you are looking to achieve a milestone or need a hand up, having supportive people around can push you to new limits. Whether the best of times or the worst, sharing your life experience will help you and probably your support family as well. People without these support systems in place have been shown to have higher rates of depression, lower life expectancy, and many other negative side effects

Social Support and Covid-19

The last year has been difficult for everyone socially. Trying to be socially responsible is important but so is human interaction. The stir-crazy feeling is affecting a lot of us and using modern technology such as video chats is about as good as it gets. Nonetheless, use these tools to engage with people and stay in contact with family and friends. 

Choosing a Healthy Social Group

We all know that who we surround ourselves with will eventually have some influence on behavior. Make sure to be around people who are doing and living the way you would like to. Find groups that exercise and eat healthily. Join a book club and enrich your mind while interacting with others. 

Oftentimes people feel trapped by those around them and feel a need to getaway. Make that decision and progress your mental and overall health forward instead of in a circle. Find people online, Facebook groups, mental health hotlines, wherever you need to go to find people that will support you. 

These are the ones that will motivate and push you forward as well as listen when you are coping with stress. Believe in you and find those who also believe in you. Often loneliness is only perceived, there are people out there that care, even if they may not know you yet. 

Keep your options open and you may find different people to fill different roles in your support system. Some may provide informational support, instrumental support, or emotional support. Know where they fit in your life and support each other in your endeavors. 

Reach Out

If you are struggling to find a solid social support system, reach out to the Neuroscience Center and we are happy to listen and find your solutions. We have open ears and highly skilled doctors and nurses that can create a mental health plan that fits you.  

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