Treating the Toughest Cases of Depression and Brain Illness

Understanding Our Practice

Overview of our treatment process and how we work with patients

We Treat the Most Complex Brain Illnesses

We are an established specialty clinic focused exclusively on brain illnesses that are not responding to prior treatment. We are the only private clinic in the country with a focus on these complex brain illnesses. If treatment has not worked for your depression, consequence of traumatic brain injury, chronic pain, stroke, dementia, substance abuse disorder, or consequence of Lyme disease, then you are at the right place. We are not a fit for everyone. But if we are right for you, we should be able to find a way to alleviate your suffering and pave the way for you to return to everyday life.

Testing and Evidence-Based

The first step is a psychiatric/neuropsychiatric evaluation. Our physicians have developed a very thorough diagnostic process that removes the guesswork for neuropsychiatry. By committing to this process, you will be empowering our team to develop a personalized treatment plan, which when followed, has a greater likelihood of achieving improvement or even substantial remission of debilitating conditions.

Private Pay, Out-of-Network Care

After we assess, test and diagnose you, we will be able to provide a treatment plan and cost estimate specific to you. We do our best to prepare you by offering upfront and transparent information on anticipated fees. Being a specialty clinic allows us to deploy any proven, cutting edge treatment you require and move quickly to relieve your pain and suffering. When needed, we use so-called “off-label” diagnostics and treatments, which usually means that they are not readily covered by insurance. We will provide you with documentation, should you choose to submit claims for out-of-network benefits. In some cases, your insurance may be able to partially offset these costs.


Our confident and innovative psychiatrists can be very direct, honest, and straightforward. We have been treating complex illnesses for decades. We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. So many clinics cater to advertising-induced requests by the consumer instead of maintaining the most modern medical stance. We very much collaborate with families to diagnose and implement treatment plans. We worry that patients and families who desire to direct all aspects of care may fail to achieve improved outcomes, forging the benefit of our vast knowledge base.

Mutual Respect

We recognize that by the time most patients and families find us, they may feel wary of doctors or even disenchanted with the health care system. We empathize with the suffering you’ve endured prior to arriving at our door. We endeavor to treat each patient and family with compassion, dignity and respect. In order to maintain our safe and friendly environment, we require staff, patients, and their families to act kindly toward one another.