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Hyperbaric Treatment for COVID-19 Symptoms

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) has been in use since the early 1900s with some promising results. Early on, one of its primary uses was to re-oxygenate the bodies of scuba divers. Today it is used for conditions ranging from infections and wounds to recuperating high-altitude mountaineers. As we all know, oxygen is essential for life and HBOT therapy has been shown to speed the healing process for multiple ailments.

How Does HBOT Work?

During an HBOT treatment, the patient is placed into a controlled, self-contained environment. Often these contained chambers are made of clear acrylic to minimize any discomfort of a confined space. Other methods of HBOT include specific face masks or hoods that are placed over the nose and mouth. Our staff is well trained and professional, seeking to provide the most successful and comfortable experience as possible. 

Raising Oxygen Levels

While undergoing treatment the body will be flooded with oxygen by slowly increasing the atmospheric pressure of the chamber. The increase in pressure allows the body to absorb an elevated amount of O2. By increasing these levels, the cells in the body can repair blood vessels and increase collagen production to enhance healing. It has also been used to reduce inflammation which can reduce many symptoms, including pain. For patients with infectious diseases, studies have shown that HBOT can increase white blood cell counts, boosting the immune system to fight off infections. In the end, the body requires a certain amount of oxygen to survive and HBOT is a method to increase O2 levels.

COVID-19 and HBOT Therapy

With the current pandemic of COVID-19, medical professionals are urgently searching for treatments. HBOT is being explored and used in certain COVID-19 cases to raise blood oxygen levels. The virus primarily attacks the pulmonary system, making it difficult to maintain O2 levels. While we continue to search for answers, recent uses of HBOT therapy in COVID patients have seen some positive results. Some researchers are also looking at the 1918 Spanish Flu as a comparison, which was also primarily a respiratory virus. Hyperbaric chambers were tested, and the results were promising. Dr. Orville Cunningham stated, “With just a one-hour treatment with compressed air at 1.68 atmospheres the patient experienced improvement.  Combined with additional hyperbaric treatments over the next 3 days this patient’s life was saved.  Others followed.”

Reach Out

If you feel like you could benefit from HBOT treatment, give us a call at 847-236-9310. Our team of friendly professionals will assess your situation and work to find a solution. There are options to get your health back and we would like to help you achieve that goal.

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