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Telepsychiatry from The Neuroscience Center

Note: If you have an immediate medical emergency please dial 911, telemedicine is a great resource but certain situations require different medical attention. 

During these trying times in quarantine, receiving healthcare can be difficult. However, The Neuroscience Center is offering the option of telepsychiatry to patients. The practice of caring for patients remotely is revolutionizing modern medicine. People with time constraints, transportation issues, or who live in remote locations, can speak virtually with a physician. The appointment will allow a person to share medical symptoms and ask questions in real-time. With advances in technology, modern telemedicine has been a valuable tool, particularly during COVID-19.


Telepsychiatry allows you to speak with a licensed medical professional from the safety and convenience of your own home. We can provide a full range of services via secure video conferencing including:

  • New patient evaluations are available for assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning, medication prescription, and medication management.
  • On-going medication management and monitoring for current patients.

Can a Diagnosis be Determined Through Telepsychiatry?

For many neurological conditions, telemedicine will give our staff the opportunity to asses and diagnose certain disorders. That being said, there can be certain circumstances where the physician would like further examination before making treatment decisions. 

How Does it Work? 

Telemedicine is generally done over a video conference call, using a HIPAA compliant video tool. This way, we can assure that your information is kept confidential. Once you have set an appointment you will receive instructions on how to begin the call. 

What Do I Need to Start? 

All that you need is a video-capable computer or smartphone to begin. If you do not have video capabilities, The Neuroscience Center will make arrangements for a phone call. 

Is it Covered by Insurance?

Telepsychiatry is often covered by insurance but make sure to check with your provider. Give us a call at 847-236-9310 for questions. 

Benefits of Telepsychiatry

While the convenience benefits are obvious, there are also subtle advantages to telemedicine. A major perk is the time savings, a commodity we all need more of. By reducing time in waiting rooms and appointment duration, we hope to streamline the healthcare process for you. 

Cost is always a concern, yet another advantage of telemedicine. The cost of running a healthcare facility is tremendous and telemedicine allows us to cut costs and send savings to you. A study conducted in 2017, showed that rates for telemedicine can be noticeably lower than in-office visits. Allowing more patients to receive care at a cost that is affordable to the public.  

Reach Out

If you feel like you could benefit from telepsychiatry, give us a call at 847-236-9310. Our team of friendly professionals will assess your situation over a digital meeting and work to find a solution. There are options to get your health back and we would like to help you achieve that goal. Stay quarantined and stay healthy, we have the ability to provide you healthcare feedback from the comfort of your home. 

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